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Product Description:

Our 6x12 Quick Connector: the ultimate solderless solution for effortlessly connecting your 6x12 Flex Neon. Bid farewell to cumbersome soldering processes and welcome the convenience of our quick connector.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this connector ensures a secure and reliable connection, making installation and maintenance a breeze. Upgrade your neon lighting project with our 6x12 Quick Connector and experience the ease of connecting your neon lights without the hassle.

With its user-friendly design, our quick connector streamlines the installation process, saving you time and effort. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your neon lights are securely connected, allowing you to focus on creating stunning lighting displays.

Don't let tedious soldering hold you back. Embrace the convenience of our 6x12 Quick Connector and take your neon lighting projects to the next level with ease and efficiency.


Please note, this product is NOT IP RATED and should primarily be used indoors unless consulted with the Flexible Neon team.

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An amazing company to deal with.
I cannot speak highly enough of Mitch and co.
I emailed a query 2 Sundays before Christmas, and asked if I'd have it by then.
Mitch assured me that he would send it Express and I'd have it within a few days. And I did.
The fact that he responded within a few minutes, on a Sunday night, was just awesome.
He kindly customised my order and I loved the hand written, personalised note that he popped in the box 😁
Thanks again Mitch!