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Product Description:

Illuminate your small tree with a burst of vibrant colours using our Small Tree Commercial Grade RGBW Floodlight DIY Package. This dynamic package includes two powerful 250W RGBW floodlights, each equipped with a 36V transformer to ensure a reliable and energy-efficient performance. The RGBW functionality allows you to paint your outdoor space with a rich spectrum of colours, providing versatility for different occasions and moods.

What sets this DIY package apart is the seamless integration of technology and simplicity. The 36V transformer ensures a steady and low-voltage power supply, prioritising safety and longevity. With the included RGBW remote, you have the creative reins to customise the lighting display, choosing from an array of colours and dynamic lighting effects. Whether you're aiming for a festive atmosphere or a tranquil ambience, this DIY package empowers you to curate the perfect lighting experience for your small tree.

Designed for easy installation and optimal performance, this package is a game-changer for transforming your small tree into a mesmerising centrepiece. Elevate your outdoor space with the magic of RGBW floodlights, adding a touch of brilliance and versatility to your landscaping.


  • Increase speed
  • Decrease speed
  • Reset to white and standard speed
  • White steady and flash toggle
  • Red steady and flash toggle
  • Green steady and flash toggle
  • Blue steady and flash toggle
  • Yellow steady and flash toggle
  • Cyan steady and flash toggle
  • Purple steady and flash toggle
  • All colour changes
  • Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Purple steady circle
  • Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Purple flash circle





4x 500w RGB Floodlight with 36V Transformer

1x Floodlight RGBW Remote

1x Instruction Manual


3 year

Voltage 36V with Meanwell LED Driver 240V Aus Plug
LED Light Source Life 50,000H
Operating Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ 50°C,  20% ~ 90% H.R
Storage Temperature -45°C ~ 55°C,  10% ~ 90% H.R
Luminaire Material Aluminium +Q235
Total Watts max 500W
Lumen Flux 
Red 5400lm  296W
Green 7332lm  296W
Blue 2474lm  296W
Yellow 12880lm  242W
Cyan 10012lm  185W
Pink  7874lm  185W
Cool White 15412lm  250W



IP Rating Ip65
Beam Angle 60°
Weight 14.5KG Each

The above data are typical values. Due to tolerances in the production process, characteristics of electronic components, and other factors, the test parameters will have an error of ±10%.

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