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Elevate your outdoor lighting game with our Medium Tree Commercial Grade Fairy Light DIY Package. This comprehensive kit is designed to transform your space effortlessly, providing a dazzling ambience that captivates. The star of the show is the premium LED Fairy Lights, spanning 180 meters with 18 connectable sets of 10 meters each. Powered by the robust Mean Well HLG 24V/150W IP67-rated driver, this package ensures consistent brilliance and durability, making it ideal for various outdoor settings.

What sets this package apart is its user-friendly design. The inclusion of a 5-way Fairy Light Branch Splitters simplifies the installation process, allowing you to weave the lights through your tree branches with ease. The 5-meter Low Voltage Connection Leads and pre-soldered Driver Connection Lead make set up a breeze, offering a plug-and-play experience. The package also includes 15 zip ties for secure and neat placement, ensuring your tree becomes a radiant focal point. Embrace the enchantment of commercial-grade fairy lights with this DIY package and make your outdoor space truly magical.


String Length

18x 10M


2 years



24V DC

Power Consumption




- 180m of Commercial Grade LED Fairy Lights (18 x 10M Connectable Sets)
- Mean Well ELG 24V / 150W IP67
- 1 x 5 Way Fairy Light Branch Splitter

- 2x 2 Way Fairy Light Branch Splitter
- 1 x 5M Low Voltage Connection Lead
- Pre-soldered Driver Connection Lead (Making this whole package plug & play)
- 15x Zip Ties
- Instruction Manual

LED Spacing 10cm
Quantity of LEDs per string 100 pcs
CCT 2200K


IP Rating

IP65 with appropriately rated accessories

The above data are typical values. Due to tolerances in the production process, characteristics of electronic components, and other factors, the test parameters will have an error of ±10%.

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