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Product Description:

Brighten up your outdoor landscapes with our 50W Yellow Floodlight (36V), a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution tailored to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Engineered for durability and performance, this floodlight is a perfect addition to any architectural lighting design, offering seamless integration and stunning illumination.

Unlike traditional floodlights, our 50W Yellow Floodlight features a purely extra-low voltage (36V) design, eliminating the need for extensive wiring and trenching, making it an ideal choice for gardens and outdoor areas where traditional wiring methods are impractical. With easy installation options, you can effortlessly run the floodlight above ground or at any depth, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your garden bed without compromising on functionality.

Equipped with a reliable Meanwell LED Driver securely mounted on the back, our floodlight ensures consistent and reliable performance, delivering vibrant yellow hues that add warmth and character to your outdoor environments. Whether you're creating an inviting atmosphere for outdoor events, highlighting architectural features, or simply adding a pop of colour to your landscape, our floodlight offers unmatched versatility and flexibility.

Designed for seamless integration and ease of use, our floodlight can be connected with multiple units to create customised lighting schemes tailored to your specific requirements. Whether used as standalone fixtures or incorporated into larger lighting installations, our floodlights provide endless possibilities for enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Perfect for any commercial applications, our 50W Yellow Floodlight is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for illuminating gardens, pathways, facades, and more. Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with our garden-friendly floodlight and transform your outdoor landscapes into inviting and vibrant spaces.





3 year

Voltage 36V 
Operating Frequency 50/60HZ
Power-supply Efficiency  93%
Power Factor >0.9
Luminous Efficiency  130lm/W 
CRI 70/80
LED Light Source Life 50,000H
Operating Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ 50°C,  20% ~ 90% H.R
Storage Temperature -45°C ~ 55°C,  10% ~ 90% H.R
Luminaire Material Aluminium +Q235
Total Watts max 50W
Lumen Flux 14000lm



IP Rating Ip65
Beam Angle 60°
Weight 3.2KG

The above data are typical values. Due to tolerances in the production process, characteristics of electronic components, and other factors, the test parameters will have an error of ±10%.

For further details, please read the data sheet.

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